The Old man and the Boy is a tale Paolo Ferrara wrote and asked me to illustrate in 2002. 

The book ended up taking dust in a drawer, but now I am happy to finally take it to public. Although the illustration style I used back then is quite outdated, at the very least Paolo's tale is yet worth a reading.


Paolo Ferrara was born in Benevento (Italy) at the time of Francesco II di Borbone and stayed a borbonic forever.  In september '97 he moved to Bologna, where in the '98 he won the Iceberg prize for narrative and participated in the Biennale for young artists of Europe and Mediterranean. In the same year he collaborated with the publisher Distrazioni Editoriali , participating in the creation of the literature magazine Narrasud. Shortly, he published his first book "Il Sabba delle follie e cialtronate varie" with Distrazioni. One year after he published his second book, "Sull'azzardo e su altre cose azzardate", with Michele Salvo Editore, and Distrazioni publishes his third book "Tanto prima o poi vi ammazzo tutti quanti" (with cover art by Christian Mirra).

In 2001 he emigrated to the U.S.A. where he lived until 2007. In 2003 Bevivino Editore published the anthology "Saudade" edited by Paolo Ferrara  with the preudonym of Gianpaolo Niccoló, and the book included two of his own tales ("lo scialle" and "Nora e l'armeno)  written using the pseudonyms of Alejandro Urrolabeitia and Ernesto Segre Herrera (the book included also an autobiographical tale by Christian Mirra, "Cinque anni fa d'estate"). 

In the U.S. he published "Il maratoneta", "Altre 3 storie", "Up in the sky", "Exit", "Quattro caramelle" for the publisher 86SubPress.

He currently lives, works and writes in Oulu, Finland.

The Old man and the Boy

text (c) Paolo Ferrara 2000
illustrations (c) Christian Mirra 2000