Christian Mirra  was born in Benevento, Italy on the 14/6/77. 

He took a Bachelor Degree in Politics in Napoli, but he was always drawing in class.

In 1999 he left Italy and went to Barcelona where he spent 6 years studying Illustration, Flash animation, and Graphic Design, and perfecting his Spanish, Catalan and English.

Then in 2005 he moved to Amsterdam where he kept a double job as a Graphic Designer and a Cartoonist. That meant sometimes working 7 days per week, but it was fine since Dutch weather was always rainy anyways.

He worked as a Creative Designer for Commodore Gaming, cooperating with leading firms of the videogaming world, such as Electronic Arts, Nintendo, CCP, THQ, GOA, Ubisoft.

Meanwhile Christian kept working on his comic projects in his free time.

His first Graphic Novel, Quella notte alla Diaz was published on February 2010 by Ugo Guanda Editore, one of the main Italian publishers. The first edition of the book, consisting of 2000 copies, was sold out in the first month and was reprinted in April 2010. 

Several publishers took interest in Christian's work and he has published many comics, in Italy as well as Netherlands and Australia. So Christian left his job as a graphic designer, went back to live in Spain and dedicated fully to illustration and comics.

His career had a Boom after he joined the online staffing platforms Elance and Upwork. 

In less than 3 years (2013-2016) he won over 130 illustration and comic projects, and thanks to the great feedback of all his clients, he was ranked n.1 provider of Comics, Illustration, Cartoons, and Caricatures on Elance, and he's now a Top Rated provider on Upwork.

Christian is glad to do a job he loves, but he has realized he also needs 
to do some extra activity sometimes, like eating or having a glass of water....

In order to deal with his overbooked agenda, he has recently founded the illustration agency SmArt Studio on Upwork- and that also quickly became Top Rated.

Now he can hardly find the time to update this website, so if you want to check his more recent works, please be patient or check his Upwork profile instead.



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